Friday, March 18, 2011

Black or White Cabinets?

Our New Kitchen!
(can't wait to rip those spindles out!)
As our kitchen makeover began there was one main question in my mind... black or white cabinets? After living in an apartment with a tiny galley kitchen our new kitchen seems huge, but in reality it probably qualifies as a small or medium sized u-shape kitchen. My husband, Lukas, worried that black cabinets may make the space too dark. His vote was for white cabinets so it would feel large and bright. 

I kept going back and forth. Of course white cabinets would look nice; there are plenty of white kitchens out there to prove it, but I think my design taste is a little edgier than that. Black cabinets seem sexy; more of a statement. They could make our kitchen seem to dark, but they could look really, really cool! After lots of discussions (and a facebook poll of my friends) it seems as though we had equal votes for both. I knew that I wanted lighter accent colors; we both especially love green! Check out the two inspiration photos that I used for my poll:
Inspiration: White Cabinets

Inspiration: Black Cabinets

So what was the end decision? I convinced Lukas to let me paint the cabinets black!!! Everyone kept asking what the counters and floor were, but since we will be replacing both I felt compete freedom to take the risk! The one stipulation: I must be willing to admit if I made a mistake and then repaint the cabinets white. (but I'm pretty sure they are going to look great and I'll only have to paint once ;) so wish me luck)

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