Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

 Since my blog is still very new, I feel the need to introduce myself a little further. My name is Jennie DiBeneditto and I am an artist living in Louisville, KY. I married my wonderful husband, Lukas, in October 2009 and we are loving our lives as newly-weds! The one very small dow­nside to our marriage? I had a fabulous logo from when my last name was Fyhr! My solution to this dilemma was to add a “d” to my logo and hang on to the “Fyhr” for a while longer. 

 I recently graduated from the University of Louisville with business degree and an art degree; my goal is to merge these two bodies of knowledge and own my own business selling my art! As I work towards this goal I am working on campus doing some marketing and graphic design work and continuing to take clay classes as I set up my home studio. Want to see some of my artworks? Check out my website:

Why am I blogging? I am a planner and I always like to think through big projects a few times before I start them; this is one more way I can work through the details and maybe even get some feedback! I also love reading other blogs and learning from all of the projects that others have going on. It’s about time that I contribute my own ideas to this wealth of online information.

What will I blog about? My life right now is focused on two main areas… fixing up my house and growing my art business. Most of my posts will be updating the progress of each, but there are bound to be some random posts along the way!

That's it for now; Lukas and I are headed over to the Kentucky Crafted Market! This market is full of beautiful artworks handcrafted in Kentucky and it is impossible to leave without being inspired by something. I am especially interested in checking out how the booths are set up... I have a few shows in my near future too ;)

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