Monday, March 28, 2011

A Weekend in The Windy City...

Lukas and I are glad to be home after a 3-day weekend in Chicago! We made the trip for a friend's wedding but saw it as the perfect opportunity for a mini vacation. I was especially excited about the Chicago Botanic Gardens but failed to consider that while Louisville is full of flowering trees and budding bulbs, Chicago has barely made it out of the 30s this year. We decided to check it out anyway and were happy to find an orchid show and some nice green houses worth walking through. If I make it back to Chicago later in the spring or summer I will definitely go back... it looks like it would be beautiful. Here are a few of the beautiful blooms we did see:

We drove closer to the lake and The Windy City lived up to its name... I was nearly blown over backwards while snapping this shot of the beautiful Baha'i house of worship. The architectural details of this building are stunning and the white facade is so beautiful against the sky.

Before we headed home we decided that it was only right to visit Lego Land since each of us LOVE Lego's! The line was full of kids that were so excited they were shaking with anticipation... Lukas and I felt the same way but thought that two "adults" should try to keep our composure :) We couldn't resist taking pictures though! Here are two of my favorites: Lukas with Lego Obama and me as a lego lion (or perhaps I have been eaten by the lion? I'm not quite sure)

Next week Lukas gets to hold down the fort as I head to Tampa Bay, Florida for the NCECA conference, which is basically a place to see some great ceramic art and party with a bunch of potters and sculptors. Clay artists are quite possibly the most social and lively group of artists... but then again, I may be a little partial ;-)  I'll be back with lots of photos to share and hopefully a new piece of pottery for my collection.

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