Monday, April 11, 2011

Half way there...

Well, the cabinets are half way there, at least!

Various trips and a pesky cold have slowed my progress on the kitchen makeover but I managed to hang cabinet doors and install some of my handcrafted porcelain cabinet knobs during the short hour that my cold meds to kick into action today. I am definitely happy with the decision to paint the cabinets black! Check out my progress and try to ignore the messy counters ;)

I began this painting project with the built-in desk area in the kitchen that we are turning into a bar! We each have office spaces in the house so a nice entertaining area seemed like a great use of the space - and a good way for me to test drive the paint choices. So far, Lukas agrees that black was a good way to go also! I am removing the center panel of the cabinet doors and replacing it with frosted Plexiglas. It is going to look really sharp, but it is also taking a bit more time and patience than I expected. The plan is to do this for three other cabinet doors for the main kitchen area but I will have to see how the first two turn out before any final decisions are made.

I will post more details about my custom cabinet knobs later...
but for now, a close-up picture will have to do!

So whats left to do? A LOT! I need to paint the bottom cabinets in the next week or two and finish up on the Plexiglas doors. Lukas has some finishing work to do on the stairwell wall and I have to rip out the half wall separating the kitchen and dining room. After that, we will install the new wood laminate flooring! We also decided to try a counter top transformation product from rustoleum that will take a weekend to do/dry. We will follow that up with a new sink and garbage disposal and a tile back splash. I got a great deal on new lighting and part of our tax return is earmarked for a new fridge; no more sticky fridge doors in our kitchen!

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