Friday, April 29, 2011

Let there be light!

After a few-week break in remodeling, I jumped on the opportunity to use a sunny Friday afternoon for natural lighting while I replaced the lights in our kitchen. Our kitchen boasted an outdated hanging light fixture and an UGLY florescent light that both HAD to go.

Before... old, ugly lights

Installing the new lights alone was a bit of a trial, but I have always enjoyed a good challenge. I got a great deal on new lights and got all three lights for about the price of one! I still have to hang the dining room chandelier, but that one is out of my reach and I think having an extra set of hands will be essential!

After... new, pretty lights!

another view
One more accomplishment of the day... I removed the ugly spindles from the half wall! I think the wall may go also, but this was a first step. Lukas is spending a few days with his father so this weekend is dedicated to me, my kitchen and the clay studio!

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