Thursday, February 2, 2012

The long lost blogger...

I always find it strange that I can spend so much time on a computer everyday at work and home and still forget to blog for almost  a year at a time. So here I am again (but this time I am not making any promises about the frequency of my posts).

A lot has happened in my art world since my last post, most importantly, I have taken a big step and registered as an official business. You are reading the words of the CEO of JFD Ceramics, LLC. Ok, CEO may be a bit extreme... how about CAO, Chief Artistic Officer? I like that!

I purchased a second kiln; now I have a baby kiln for jewelery and a medium sized kiln for the bulk of my ceramic work. If I want to make anything larger that 16" wide I will be firing at UofL. In the next few weeks I will have my home studio wired and ready to fire!

I am really enjoying the freedom I have with my art and I am exploring so many different techniques to find my perfect style, but in the mean time I am getting a lot a great feedback about my current work.

As far as my kitchen goes, it is still a work in progress! Hopefully I will find time to complete the flooring this summer!

That is all for now, I am off to sketch some new design ideas!

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